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Our filmora pro review will help you to know everything about filmora pro video editor. This is helpful for anyone interested in video editing, especially for YouTubers, teachers, students, video creators, online course makers, online trainers. Read the full review to get the overall idea.

What is FilmoraPro?

FilmoraPro as the name implies is one of the most powerful video editing software not only from Wondershare but across the industry overall. If Filmora 9 or Filmora 10 (X) is veered towards the consumer market then you bet that FilmoraPro will definitely accommodate all of your needs if you’re into professional filmmaking or video editing.

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Packed with advanced features and add-ons that you can download or augment from Wondershare’s database, this video editing software is everything that you’re going to need. While a little bit pricier than Adobe Premiere, we do think that FilmoraPro has got what it takes to go toe to toe with what is arguably the most popular and best video editing software there is.

A lot of editors from all skill levels appreciate FilmoraPro and it should work quite as well as you. 

What FilmoraPro has?

Setting Up Your Workspace

If you’ve used Adobe Premier then you will be right at home with FilmoraPro’s interface. Right on the get-go, this video editing software is simple and intuitive. You can then freely change the layout or labels plus keyboard shortcuts if you like paving the way for much easier and faster work on the program.

Professional Color Correction

However, color is not one of the strong suits of this software of we can also say the part where it does something original. They borrow a lot of features from other video editing software and rely heavily on adjustable effects and presets.

It does have basic wheels for YUV grading and allows for you to apply LUTs where there are several that are preloaded.

Audio, Effects, and Text

Audio is also not one of its strong suits. You won’t have any option to record external audio and even some basic audio options are missing right on the get-go. But it does allow you to sample, add some reverb effects, and reduce noise though.

light flare

In terms of effects, what stands out for us is its lens flare effect which is quite comprehensive and effective. You will also have a vast library of text effects which will work out nicely with your project.

Import and Export

FilmoraPro opens a variety of file types and will accommodate it for importing, some files that can’t even be imported by its competitors. However, exporting your work from this software is generally longer compared to others.

Filmora Pro’s Media Panel

The media panel for FilmoraPro is one of the most convenient and useful features it’s got. You can easily import and organize your media as they are the building blocks of your project.


With the media panel, you can create a plane, load a title template, and even use the coveted built-in screen recording feature. You may also tweak your media properties in the panel, sync audio/video, add clips to your timeline, and other drag/drop options available.

Heat distortion effect

FilmoraPro being the powerful video editing software that it is offers a ton of other effects and one of them is the heat distortion effect. Manipulate images or add some lively graphics to your projects to make them look more professional.

Other effects include the bulge, magnify, mosaic, twirls, and witness protection.

What FilmoraPro does not have?

As you’ve read, there are tons of stuff that you can do with FilmoraPro even the things that you’re used to doing from other well-known video editing software. But what doesn’t it have? Well, here are a few.

FilmoraPro does not allow you to open multiple timelines or editors and you can only work on one project at the same time. Next is that FilmoraPro does not have adjustment layers. Third is that FilmoraPro does not have a dedicated color panel and lastly, it also does not have a dedicated sound panel and audio hardware preferences.

System Requirements

It’s important to take note that one of the best qualities of Wondershare video editing software, in general, is that they are not that demanding in terms of hardware specs. This is especially true with their consumer version Filmora 9 or X and that also proves quite true with FilmoraPro.

Check filmora 9 or X's details here: Filmora reviews

The minimum requirements for FimoraPro are:

  • A 64 bit OS (Windows 7 or later/Mac)
  • i3 or better multi-core processor, minimum 2GHz.
  • Minimum 8GB RAM.
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later, AMD Radeon R5 or later (Minimum 4GB RAM)

It’s also possible that FimoraPro may even work with lesser system specs depending on other conditions.


FilmoraPro’s lifetime license is priced at $149.99 with its yearly subscription at $89.99. If you have purchased filmora x then you can buy this pro version at a discounted rate.

What we like

  • FilmoraPro’s strengths and what really endears to its users.
  • Easy to use given that it’s for professionals and is meant for all skill levels whether you just want to practice using it first or you’re already well-versed with its competitors.
  • You’ll be given a lot of project setting options. Whether it’s for your frame rate of resolution.
  • Enjoy multiple effects and presets and get your videos ready for upload on various social media including Instagram.
  • You’ll also have easy to read audio meters.
  • This software is perfect for creating online video courses meant for teachers, marketers, students, and YouTubers alike.
  • Worried about projects crashing? FilmoraPro has got easy recovery features.

What we'd like to see improved

But as always with the things that we mentioned that FilmoraPro does not have, it’s got a few areas to improve on:

  • More options for color and audio options.
  • No hardware acceleration option for output rendering.
  • Not so smooth preview for your video as you edit.

Filmora Pro Review – FAQ's

Is Filmora Pro better than filmora9?

It’s designed for professional use so it’s supposed to be better but there are other factors to consider too. It’s not necessarily better for you if you’re just the casual video editor as you’ll spend more but won’t really maximize what it can offer.
FilmoraPro is more powerful simply because it’s jam-packed with features for serious moviemaking.

Can I upgrade from Filmora9 to FilmoraPro?

No, one may think FilmoraPro is an upgraded version of Filmora 9 but they are two different video editing software. One is geared for consumer use and the other for professionals. You need to choose between the two or buy FilmoraPro separately should you already be utilizing Filmora 9 or X.

Is Filmora the same as Final Cut Pro?

FilmoraPro does have a ton of features like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere but as usual, FilmoraPro even though it’s a heavy-duty and powerful video editing software is more user-friendly. That has always been the brand of Wondershare creating filmmaking tools that’s not too intimidating for anyone.

Is Filmora Pro worth it?

While you may avail of some other cheaper video editing software like the similarly powerful Adobe Premier, FilmoraPro does give you a lot of value for your money. Overall, professional editors feel that FilmoraPro is a worthy investment, especially that Wondershare has polished some of its outstanding features already.

Is Filmora better than iMovie?

Editors from all skill levels are torn about which software is actually better. iMovie may be free but it’s only good for Mac computers and that makes Filmora the more versatile option. Overall, FilmoraPro with its vast effects, presets, and other useful libraries and ease of use edges out iMovie as the better video editing software.

filmora pro review

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2 thoughts on “Wondershare Filmora pro review 2022: a powerful video editor”

  1. So far, I like Filmora Pro for the most part but I really wish that it had the “Color Match” feature like Filmora X and I wish that it had project and export options for “4K DCI” and “4K UHD”

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for sharing your thought. I also would happy to see these features in Filmora Pro. I hope they will add in the future. But alternatively, we can use Filmora X for color matching and 4k export options.

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