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Obviously, you are interested to know the filmora video editing software. Welcome to this filmora reviews. You just found the best review on filmora which will explore everything you wish to know. Keep reading till the end and you will get all answers.

What is Filmora?

Filmora is a video editing software by a company called WonderShare. Wondershare has long been a player in the video production software side of the industry and is quite known to Mac users although their products are also widely available for the Windows platform.

Filmora has a Filmora Pro version which as the name implies is for more advanced and professional users. But do take note that Filmora in itself with the popular Filmora 9 or the newly release Filmora 10 (X) are the top choice for video editors of all skill levels.

That’s mainly because of its user-friendly functionality and easy to understand (and also utilize) set of features. In a nutshell, Filmora is right on the sweetspot of all video editing software. It’s not as hard to first operate like Adobe Premiere or as basic as say Window Movie Maker and it’s a video editing software that will provide everything that you need.

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Filmora is especially popular for video content creators like YouTubers. It’s got awesome plug-ins and features that will make your edits look professional and competitive. Plus, it’s a program that’s not too demanding on your hardware not to mention it’s relatively cheaper to subscribe to.

Filmora Features

Here are the set of features that will help you decide whether Filmora is the video editing software for you.


Filmora’s interface is simple and intuitive. Right on the get-go once you open the program you’ll be given an option to either go for full or easy mode. While the easy mode gives you only the basics of video editing software we recommend you go for the full-on mode right away especially if you have some video editing experience in the past as it won’t be that complicated anyway. And that says a lot about how easy to use this program is.

The interface for the full-on mode will right away clearly tell you where things are upon initial loading. You’ll have your features and functions on the upper left with your preview screen on the upper right, and the timeline right below. Between the timeline and the upper sections, you’ll see quick options to tweak both your audio and video media.

The timeline will have 10 tracks for you to utilize and dragging and dropping as well as adjustments plus applying effects (cropping, etc.) will be super easy even for beginners. The entirety of the interface may also be switched to a darker mode coming from a slightly lighter mode so it will be easier for the eyes.

Special Effects and Color Editing

filmora reviews

As far as special effects and color are concerned, it’s so easy to adjust or create PiP effects in Filmora. You can then move or resize your PiP windows easily. Chroma key also works very well in Filmora and is almost automatic.

You will have a tone of options when it comes to filtering effects and you may even add some to your video as you would on still photos for stunning edits. Overlays like ripples and mirrors are also available as well as film effect.

LUT and CUBE plug-ins are also available with popular effects such as B&W, cool film, and Batman.

Text Effects

With Filmora you’ll enjoy a ton of text effects and animations that you’d otherwise have in basic video editing software. It’s not even a stretch to say that you won’t have to buy additional plug-ins or any add-ons at all just to get the desired text effects that you would need.

Easily edit its font and color too.

Music and Audio

filmora reviews

While not as powerful as audio as you may expect as Adobe Premier or maybe even Cyberlink, Filmora does have a lot to offer when it comes to tweaking your audio too. You’ll have 22 built-in sound effects that are arranged from Young, Bright, Tender, and Sentimental.

You’ll have access to a full audio mixer, a denoise capability, one convenient sound tool, and a mic button for you to record voiceovers for.

Instant Cutter

This is one simple mode yet pretty useful and effective. As the name implies, using the Merge sub-mode, drag and drop multiple clips in its window. Trim the end of your clips using Trim mode and add segments if you need to.

Easy Mode

Easy mode is for complete beginners and that name is indeed justified. This mode enables you to simply drag and drop clips onto the timeframe while allowing you to add themes and music to it to still create quite a creative output.

You will have limited themes named Simple, Sport, Love, Happy, Travel, and Old days as well as some choice soundtracks but these choices are actually good enough for getting the hang of it.


It’s been well-documented how demanding video editing software are in terms of the hardware that’s going to run it needs to be. While that’s all for good reasons, with Filmora you don’t have to buy the latest specs for your PC nor have the most expensive GPU in the market.

Filmora can seriously run on a low-end computer and you won’t even have to worry about crashes. For your benchmark though take note that a computer running under an Intel Core i7-6700T processor with a GTX 960M and 16GB RAM can render a sample movie with a length of 5 minutes at a very decent 4 minutes.

This movie contains clips (standard effects and transitions) with a mix of 1080p and 4K footages rendered in 1080p MPEG-4 (at 15kbps) and H.264 High Profile. And that’s with audio of MPEG AAC 192 kbps.

Sharing and Output

You’d have a wide array of outputs, especially for social media and YouTube. Your choices include AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, WMV, and of course MP4.

You will also have uploading options for Facebook, YouTube as well as Vimeo. DVD burning is another option that the software offers although you won’t have a DVD menu nor chapter screen options.

Media Importing

Importing media would be easy with Filmora and it’s probably the most straightforward operation you can do across all video editing software. Just make sure that you have all of your files in organized folders so you won’t mess it all up as you edit.

Screen Recording

how to screen record in filmora

One of the features that make Filmora endearing to a lot of content creators especially YouTubers is the easy to use and effective Screen Recording option. Together with recording voice-over easily this feature allows you to make video tutorials not just for YouTube but for online courses as well.

It’s so easy to use and is built-in on your software with no additional payments or plug-ins. The recorded file will then be automatically imported into a media library folder and you can quickly add it to your timeline ready for any additional editing.

Video Effect Presets

There are already a ton of basic and free video effect presets in Filmora to improve your video or film. You’ll have access to title or end credits sequences, overlays, filters, emojis, and other elements that will make your movie look even better.

The presets can also be customized and if you’re not satisfied with what’s on-hand then just visit the Filmora effects store and buy a few other cools ones that will satisfy your style and your needs.

Encoding and Exporting

You will have the option to adjust the bit rate, format, resolution, as well as audio formats of your footages. This is also useful as you can then tweak the total file size or quality of your final output.

The export process is also relatively easier and with GPU acceleration it can be a breeze especially if your PC is fast enough already. As mentioned, above, you may export your videos directly to social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Extra Editing Modes

Aside from the aforementioned Easy and Full-on mode you also have other editing modes with Filmora. We’re talking about Instant Cutter and Action Cam tool modes.

These modes are not meant to be standalone programs and still need to be integrated into the main program but are quite effective and very useful. With these modes, you can quickly manipulate your videos and apply speed settings, freeze frames as well as image stabilization when needed.


With Filmora, you will also have the capability to remove unwanted objects from pictures and footage. Plus, you get to keep the overall quality of your video or pic. Ain’t that a neat trick?

Also, the same as removing objects, you will have the option to add some whenever necessary. This also includes motion graphics and some images to spice up your videos even more.


Lastly, get a load of some awesome built-in transitions for your cuts. You’ll have a variety of transitions available for you to choose from right off the bat. This is also one aspect of Filmora that you probably won’t need any add-ons anymore. From blurs to dissolves to ripples you name it.

Filmora Pricing

First of all, you may download Filmora totally for free on their website and it will be compatible with Mac and Windows computers. But if you want to add more power and more advanced features to your video edits then go for premium.

They have one of the lowest per video editor quality prices in the business. Their annual subscription is $39.99 but if you’re looking for a cooler deal then you may go for a lifetime plan of $59.99. Also, you have the option to get downloads from Filmstocks at only $99.87.


  • Tons of features that are mostly found in professional-level video editing software.
  • Great value for money
  • User-friendly functionalities and interface suited for editors of all skill levels.
  • Will support all video outputs including HD as well as 4K
  • Perfect for prolific video content creators especially YouTubers
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Social media and YouTube integration
  • Faster encoding with optional GPU acceleration


  • It does not have as much tech support documents online as its competitors
  • Don’t expect it to cover the latest and most advanced (or professional) video editing functions and features for full-on film projects
  • Most of the advanced add-ons would then be expensive purchases

User experience

Most of those who’ve experienced using Filmora are beginner editors. Take note that its user-friendliness is not just hype but indeed true to its very core. While it can be utilized by advanced editors themselves most users have indeed grown with the software. As their skills thus need to grow they find ways to adjust the software and make it accommodate their video editing requirements.

It’s so easy that even if you are someone who’s only tried Window Movie Maker before, trust us when we say that you won’t have a hard time adjusting to Filmora at all.

As mentioned above, its interface is its best asset. It’s not at all overwhelming or intimidating and you’ll immediately tweak your video and improve your knowledge of the software within a day of studying it.

From importing your media to lining them up on the timeline, adjusting/adding audio, applying effects, transitions, and with the convenience of a split-screen this software is for anyone.

Yours truly has not experienced crashing on it at all. It’s super affordable and if any, it’s a great entryway to more advanced video editing software should you wish to go to more professionally designed ones.

Filmora Alternatives

As mentioned, you may go for the more advanced Adobe Premiere software as this is utilized by already professional video editors, creators, and filmmakers. But take note that this software has a bit of a learning curve depending on your current skill level and adeptness to the craft.

You may also go with Cyberlink PowerDirector but to be honest, Filmora is a lot better overall. Just take note that PowerDirector is also quite innovative being that it’s the first one to have support for 360 degrees VR videos. So, it does have a lot in store for you as well.

Or go with Sony Vegas which is pricier but also more complicated only about a couple of steps down from Adobe Premiere. Also, take a look at Da Vinci Resolve for advanced video editing needs.

Movavi is another good alternative to filmora. This is easy to learn and easy to produce quality videos for teachers, students, YouTubers, instructional designers etc. Check our movavi review to know details.

If you’re looking for a good Apple alternative for Filmora then look no further than Apple’s very own iMovie app. It’s also quick and easy to use and has been around for a long time meaning it’s also quite a stable application.

Filmora Reviews – FAQs

Should you buy Wondershare Filmora?

If you want to ease in the video editing hobby or say profession we highly recommend Filmora. It’s not only for starters as it will adjust well and grow with your skill level until you’re a more advanced editor. It cheap, you don’t need a super-fast computer for it, and most of all it’s easy to understand. In short, it’s not too intimidating.
It’s software that will allow you to do almost anything for your video as your skills advanced for it’s got a ton of functions you can unlock along the way.

How to Remove Filmora Watermark?

You may go for a Filmora premium subscription at very cheap rates with lifetime updates or get a lifetime deal if you want to remove the Filmora watermark and truly make your edits look professional.

Is Filmora video editor really free?

Yes, the Filmora editor can be downloaded for Mac, Windows, Ios, and Android platforms for free from their website. But you’ll get a Filmora watermark once you render your video so be sure to subscribe premium. It won’t cost you much either.

Is Filmora Pro better than Filmora?

Not necessarily, it depends on your needs. There are tons of video content creators for a variety of industries like marketing, YouTube, and online courses (for students and teachers) that make use of what Filmora offers. So be sure to determine what you really need before going for the Pro version.

How Filmora improve video quality?

Filmora is equipped with tons of features to improve the quality of the raw videos you’ll edit on the software. Aside from the built-in “Auto-enhance” feature of this application, you’ll also have a chance to tune the colors of your footages. Make sure that you shot your raw videos in the right resolution, get it in the right frame rate, and add some cool music then you’ll have yourself one professional-looking output.

Is Filmora worth the money?

Given that it’s not worth a lot to begin with then it is worth the money. With the features and functionalities that it brings to the table, it won’t be that far off to say that it’s at the level of even its most polished competitors like Sony Vegas or Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Is Filmora a good editor?

Filmora is a good video editor but not from all aspects. This is beginner-friendly. For its price, it’s a great buy. It won’t cause your computer to crash at all even with mediocre specs and it’s so easy to learn even people with basic computer knowledge may learn to use it. 

filmora reviews

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