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With the advent of the internet, social media, video streaming platforms, and with everything from education to careers in different fields being executed online, content creation or video editing has since been recognized as an essential skill.

But, not all of us have the time to go through all sorts of courses to be a decent let alone a professional video editor, or to go master all of the intricacies of a professional video editing software. With a high demand for video content or instructional videos, teachers, mentors, students, influencers, and marketers alike need to know how to work on their own materials.

So, is there a way to edit and make worthwhile videos for our target audience to get enough value from? Yes, there is. Movavi is a video editing software that will let you edit and make professional looking videos or movies without having to go through years’ worth of learning curve.

How? Want to know more about it? Check out our comprehensive review.

What is Movavi? Who is this software for?

Movavi Video Editor, as the name implies, is a video editing software from Movavi. A company that’s dedicated to developing a variety of multimedia programs. The company’s software are usually tailored for any consumer who wants to learn and harness the potential of such multimedia devices at a user-friendly pace and price.

Such as the Movavi Video Editing software that’s programmed to be easy enough to learn even for those who do not have any background with video editing at all. It is meant for students who need to finish a simple video project, teachers who need to finish some teaching materials, the YouTuber who wants to create some content.

The Movavi Video Editing software has got all the features necessary to create professional looking videos with an easy to understand and intuitive interface. The software will make it easier for users to upload their content in a wide range of formats suitable for social media, YouTube, and across a lot of applications.

Although we can also tell you upfront that this software may not have all the most sophisticated features a powerful engine like Da Vinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere might have but these softwares are more for the pro moviemaker. Movavi is made simple so that it will be easier for everyone to just start using them right off the bat.

Video tutorials, vlogs, online course materials, you name it, Movavi is the way to go. The company has more than 20 standalone applications for a variety of uses meant for a general audience.

Movavi Video Editor Features

Here are some of the key features that you as a beginner or pro alike will get to enjoy with Movavi. For a quick review, you could check this video first. Later, I am going to discuss details.

Let's dive into the detailed features.

The User Interface

The user interface of the Movavi Video Editing software is as simple as they come. It’s friendly, it’s basic for all the good reasons, intuitive, and easy to understand that anyone who’s got basic computer knowledge may soon put together a good video.

movavi user interface

Your main interface will have three main sections something that we are accustomed to with video editing software. The upper half is divided by the tools at the left and your preview screen at the right.

Then the bottom half is where you’ll find your timeline. For those who are not familiar the timeline refers to the area where you put together all of your raw clips, out them in a sequence thus creating your movie.

You have all of your tools at the upper left like your transitions, text design, graphics, how to import or export your files, and all important adjustments. On the right is your convenient preview screen with all needed controls for you to take a peek at what you’re doing in real-time.

Dividing these two main parts from the timeline is a set of very useful tools for you to edit your video and the timelines below will give you a chance to trim your raw clips or add music, voiceover, or any audio you’d prefer to it.

A lot of drag and drop action will happen and the naming or labels are pretty straightforward so you’ll definitely enjoy the process.

Importing Media

This is one aspect that being straightforward or in Movavi’s case being too straightforward kind of backfired. Why? For if you want to import media (as easy as it can be done in Movavi) on to your project it puts the files directly to your timeline.

import media

That’s not good at all editing-wise for you would want to at least sequence them yourself or plan how to put them in your movie. But, it’s also easy enough to trim the raw files on the timeline itself or move them around so I guess for some, it won’t be that big a deal.

Trimming is as easy as they come. Just click the end or beginning part of your clip and drag until you reach your desired duration or part of the video.

Transitions, Titles, Effects, and Creative Effects (Special Effects)

After putting your raw clips, you’d naturally want to spice things up a little bit now. And that’s where the need for awesome transitions, titles, and effects comes into play.

movavi transition

Everything is located at the upper left of your screen. Movavi provides an ample number of free transitions, titles, and effects templates that you may tweak and choose from. You may preview them by clicking on them and just simply click plus drag anything you’ve chosen to a clip on your timeline to apply.

movavi title

You may edit a title easily or change its position on your frame. There are more effects available should you want to buy some on the Movavi store. Special additional effects like Blockbuster Pack, Stylish Vlog, horror Stories, Theater Pack, Wild West Pack, Abstract Shapes, and many more are all available in their effects store.

It should be really fun to incorporate them in your movies but you just have to spend a little bit more.

So, what about audio? Well, we think that this is one downside of Movavi as it’s got no direct interface or buttons to accommodate you tweaking your audio. You will see the waveform of your chosen sound clip but that’s it.

Simply put, audio editing is not this software’s strong suit. It’s too simple in that regard.

*One additional function we like about Movavi is that you may change your movie’s aspect ratio as you edit it. You’ll have the standard 16:9 option, 1:1 for Instagram, and 9:16. This gives you versatility in terms of where you may upload your media later on.

Additional Tools

The aforementioned elements should be what the most basic of users be familiar with if they are just starting. But as you learn and for seasoned editors already, it’s the additional tools at your disposal that make video editing software powerful.

And, it so happens that there are a few useful ones on Movavi.

The tools tab is the one at the middle left side of your screen and looks like 3 lines. Through this, you will have access to general clip properties. The volume, speed, opacity, duration, and if you want to fade the clip in or out.

movavi color adjustment

You’ll have adjustments to color adjustment. And while this won’t be the most powerful color grading tool there is, it’s worth it. Tweak with either presets/templates or adjust the color manually. You may also do necessary color corrections or use different color filters.

You may also crop the video from here. Rotate video images, use the zooming effect, and use the

*chroma key tool for advanced users. You will also have the highlight or conceal tool. And of course, a very useful stabilizing tool for your shaky videos.

What is the Magic Enhance function?

The magic enhance function is the icon that looks like a wand on your toolbar. As the name implies, this function is to just instantly improve the overall quality of your clips. This is one automatic way that the software will improve the contrast and saturation of your clips.

movavi chroma key

*The chroma key or what is commonly known as the green screen (not limited to) is a common visual effects technique used to compositing or layering 2 images together. To put it simply, you may change backgrounds to your videos rather easily if you utilize this one.


One audio tool that you will use a lot should you want to tweak your audio is the equalizer tool. As mentioned, sound or audio design may not be the strength of the Movavi video editing software but for simple edits, this should suffice.

It will have presets ready for you to tweak your sound per clip and if you want to manually do so then you’ll have the bars to modify as well.

*We mentioned that you may record your voice over directly with the software, right?


movavi sticker

Stickers are fun and they will make your videos standout and be more visually pleasing or appealing. Easily drag and drop stickers onto your clips and tweak them around if desired.

Exporting and Sharing

And lastly, Movavi video editing software offers the easiest way to prepare and eventually render your finished movies. As we mentioned, this is a social media and video streaming platform friendly video editing software so you’ll have the options that you need once rendering time comes.

movavi export

And as expected, rendering and finally exporting your video with Movavi is really easy. It offers a wide array of codecs like the versatile MP4, AVI, MOV, you name it. What’s cool about this is that you may upload your movie straight to your YouTube account once done.

All other needed settings will also follow and you may explore accordingly. There are also presets you can take advantage of for different mobile devices.

Look into Movavi’s free screen recorder here.

Movavi Video Editor’s Strengths (Pros)

  • User-friendly interface meant for beginners and seasoned editors alike
  • Easier to navigate and you will create professional looking videos on your first few tries
  • Straightforward process from importing your media to exporting finished video
  • You have everything that you need effects and tools wise
  • Voice-over recording made easy
  • Multiple options for exporting your file
  • Social media and YouTube friendly options
  • Decent amount and choices of built-in templates and presets
  • Easier on the budget even compared to its direct competitors
  • Won’t require much computer hardware power

What we Like Improved (Cons)

  • It won’t have the most sophisticated set of features in any category
  • Limited color and audio tools to enhance respective aspects of your video
  • You won’t get or be able to do much from its free-trial
  • Definitely not meant for serious film projects


Movavi is one of the most affordable video editing software there is. First of all, you use it for free if you download it on their website at and then use it for 7 days.

There are two versions that you currently need to be aware of and they have varying price points. You have the Movavi Video Editor which you can have a lifetime license with at only $39.99 and the Movavi Video Editor Plus which you may have a lifetime license with for only $59.99.

A one-year subscription for the Movavi Video Editor Plus would cost you $39.99 as well. Now, what seems to be the difference between the two versions? Well, obviously more features of course.

With the Movavi Video Editor basic version you may edit your video with basic transitions, effects, and titles with automatic video creation, and default media pack. With the Plus version, you’ll have all of that but with the extended media pack, animation, timeline markers, and faster 4K video processing.

So, Movavi does have something for heftier video editing projects at a higher price point still without getting too complex for novice users.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 with up-to-date patches/service packs installed,
  • Intel or AMD or compatible processors, 1GHz,
  • Minimum graphics display resolution of 1024×768, 32-bit color,
  • 256MB RAM for Windows 2000 and XP, 512MB for Vista, 1GB for Windows 7 and Windows 8,
  • Minimum 250MB free hard disk space for installation, 2GB for ongoing operations,
  • Latest version of QuickTime Player for Windows for MOV file processing,
  • VHS capture device is required for capturing analog video,
  • Administrator permissions are required for installation.

Preferable System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 with up-to-date patches/service packs installed,
  • Intel or AMD or compatible processors, 2.8GHz,
  • Display resolution of 1280×1024, 32-bit color,
  • 1GB RAM for Windows 2000 and XP, 2GB for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8,
  • 5GB free hard disk space for ongoing operations; HD video editing may require a large amount of free disk space, up to several 10's of GB,
  • Latest version of QuickTime Player for Windows for MOV file processing,
  • VHS capture device is required for capturing analog video,
  • Administrator permissions are required for installation,
  • Sound card.

Follow this link if you want to access Movavi’s knowledge base:

Other Movavi products

a. Movavi Slideshow Maker

This software is essential for those who need to make stunning and informative slideshows with ease. Teachers, students, and marketing personnel alike are only some of the vast numbers of users that may benefit from this efficient feature.

The wizard will guide you throughout and trust us when we say that it will be easy as 1-2-3.

Slideshow Maker Link

b. Movavi Video Converter

Convert your videos from one file to another with this software. If you’re having compatibility issues then this is worth the try.

Video Converter Link

c. Movavi Video Editor for Business

This bundle will enable you to utilize all softwares from Movavi. We’re referring to the video editor, screen recorder, video converter, slideshow maker, and DVD burner all at one subscription or purchase. It will also include a lot of other Movavi products.

Business Video Editor Link

Alternatives to Movavi Video Editor

Of course, Movavi Video Editor not alone in the simple-to-use video editing suite category and so here are a few of its direct competitors and a little bit of perspective as to where each software stands.

There are some basic movie editors that you can go for like JoyoShare Media Cutter and Avimedux or the more advanced ones like Da Vinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere. But perhaps the best alternatives to Movavi are Filmora and Cyberlink Power Director.

Best way to compare these programs upfront would be through pricing to give you a better perspective. Filmora is one popular video editing software for consumers by a company called WonderShare. Their monthly plan starts at $9.99 with promos now and then at $7.99. But if you don’t want to keep renewing monthly then go with their $49.99 yearly plan which can go down for as low as $39.99 if you subscribed when there’s a promo going on.

But, guess what? Filmora’s lifetime or perpetual plan is down to just $59.99 when on discount. Better take advantage of that if it’s still available. On the other hand, Cyberlink Power Director is compared to Filmora more often than it is to Movavi.

This one is a lot more expensive at it is also part of a series of media creation related softwares. Currently, Cyberlink Power Director’s monthly plan starts at $19.99 with its yearly plan at $129.99. They also offer a free trial period and do take note that prices are often discounted.

To know details, check our filmora reviews and also the advanced version filmora pro review.

Now, feature-wise where would these softwares stand? We can say that Filmora has the most comprehensive collection of built-in effects, titles, and add-ons. And will just give you more value for your money overall. It’s not as simple to use as Movavi but it is closer to more advanced video editing softwares in terms of power because of its tools.

CyberLink Power director, on the other hand, aims for not only novice editors but professionals too. And so, one might think if it’s worth it or you’ll be better off with Adobe Premier instead.

Movavi Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Movavi better than iMovie?

Not that wide of a margin if you ask us but iMovie is the better video editing software overall if you’re going to talk about Mac users. It’s just the more complete and more powerful engine. As discussed, Movavi is for beginners and will not have the most sophisticated set of features compared to say the iMovie.

Is Movavi safe and legit?

Yes, of course, it is. It’s a safe and legit video editing software together with a few other applications that will help you create content whether you are a student, vlogger, teacher, marketing specialist, or instructional designer.
And no, it most definitely is not a virus or malware.

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Does Movavi have a watermark?

Every video editing software will have watermarks all over your finished work if you don’t subscribe to it. So if you want to not have a watermark on your work then you spend a few bucks for the software and enjoy either a yearly or lifetime license.

How do I get Movavi effects for free?

You already have free effects pack right on the get-go. But of course, if you want more, you need to go to the Movavi effects store and purchase some.

Is Movavi good for YouTube?

Yes, Movavi is perfect for YouTubers or anyone who dwells and creates content for social media. Especially Instagram or Facebook. The software itself, as discussed above, gets your finished videos ready for upload to these platforms fast and easy.

Should You Buy It? Our Final Verdict

Yes, you should buy the Movavi Video Editor (Plus) if you are a student, teacher, instructional designer, online course maker, marketer, content creator, and someone who needs to churn out good quality videos regularly.

Yes, if you are curious about learning the ropes of video editing and not that invested in it that yet or can’t afford more advanced softwares like Da Vinci Resolved or Adobe Premiere or just simply because you are well-aware of their complexities.

And yes, if you are a beginner-mid skill level editor and won’t be making large-scale film projects like full-length film projects in the future or using this software.

If you answered yes to any of the above (you are well-aware of the downsides already based on our review) then this is the software for you. It’s totally worth it and you’ll enjoy it more as you learn.

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