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Homeschooling through the internet or online classes has reached a significant milestone as of late. There are an estimated 4-5 million K-12 homeschool students in US which grew drastically in 2020-2021 (Source: nheri.org). It’s no longer this new concept and a lot of parents are embracing this process of educating their children.

As we are all aware, these formative years are important and so we must provide the best means necessary for our kids and teens to learn like skills and get on with their academics alike.

But one such company named OutSchool has taken this concept to the next level and is now one of the biggest entities to offer online classes with a wide array of subjects. How’d they pulled it off? Let’s discuss all of these in our Outschool review.

What is Outschool?

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Outschool is currently one of the largest online marketplaces for live classes meant for kids. The company was founded in San Francisco back in 2015 and quickly grew into a relevant way to educate the youth.

Their students are aged from 3 to 18 years old so essentially the K-12 age range. The concept is connecting students, parents, and teachers to create these internet-based learning experiences over video chat. Take note that Outschool uses a small group learning methodology for their classes. Also, take note that classes are either live or flex meaning it’s pre-recorded for students to access later on.

This can range from 4 to 18 groups of students only (can be more based on teacher’s prerogative, class type, or age bracket) taught by some of the most passionate teachers worldwide. It really is a way to learn or in the case of teachers teach from anywhere in the world. Parents would also definitely appreciate the more personalized or customized way of teaching.

Right now, Outschool boasts over 100000 online classes. The families and teachers involved in Outschool right now span over 200 countries and they have some pretty unique and diverse classes that parents and students will definitely enjoy.

The core subjects include Reading, Math, and Science. They also interesting courses that you won’t find in any other online-course program like LEGO engineering, Spanish with Taylor Swift, or Harry Potter themed chemistry.

They make learning fun and exciting online and as we all know, that’s kind of hard to do, especially with a lot of potential distractions for kids and teens alike when classes are administered just over the internet.

Students Get $20 free credit Now for Joining First Class

So, if you think your kid(s) have a unique interest or you want them to learn more then Outschool should be worth checking out. This is a chance to have a shot at passion-driven learning.

Is outschool legit?

Offcourse outschool is a legit organization. Its an online space to learn and teach from anywhere. A wide participation of teachers and student around glove proved that, this idea has acceptability. The whole world faced unimagineable Covid situation, which forced students to learn from home and teachers to  teach from home. Outschool brought peace in parents and students, teachers also found a new way to explore themselves with some extra income.

How much does outschool cost?

As you now know, Outschool teaches a wide range of classes from students aged 3 to 18 years old. These classes are priced from $9 to $200 or more. And, to give you some idea, a 14-weeklong history class costs $245.

Students Get $20 free credit Now for Joining First Class

The classes available range from coding to social studies or even something hands-on like sewing. Surely with this price range, you can invest in a few subjects that will pique the interest of your kids, and with the assistance from passionate teachers they are sure to learn a lot.

Outschool parent reviews

By reading comments and reviews from parents we really do notice that Outschool or the experience from it is just as good as their teachers. The reviews are mostly positive and encouraging though.

Most parents, of course, appreciate the unique classes and ways to teach children essential subjects and to keep their interest to a certain level at all times. Some parents say that Outschool is a perfect way to take some pressure from them when the child is learning from the online teacher.

Students Get $20 free credit Now for Joining First Class

As mentioned most have positive experiences and book classes regularly but there are times that one bad experience with a teacher is enough for parents not to try it again. As far as accommodation goes especially for kids with special needs, some teachers wouldn't outright accept some which is terrible.

When as a teacher it’s grueling to book and teach classes, for a parent it can take some time to find the right teacher for you and your kid(s). Teachers that are tardy or always having technical errors can also be common while the parents are still getting billed.

Overall, parents highly recommend Outshcool especially for kids aged 12 years old and below.

What are the best classes to take in Outschool?

As we discussed above, there’s a lot of positives that you and your child can pick up from Outschool. They have a wide array of subjects that are interest-based but while we don’t think their platform will replace standard K-12 education, there are a lot of interesting classes for your kid to take part in. Still, we reiterate that the K-12 program is most likely still the best for your child.

Outschool is the perfect way to augment your child’s education or if you think they are so much time in their hands especially during summer or winter break.

Students Get $20 free credit Now for Joining First Class

Some of the best classes in Outschool that your child may undergo are preschool classes where they sing, listen to stories, have some social time with a small group of kids their age, and some art activities.

Fitness sessions where kids are given interactive workouts that are themed accordingly to make these physical activities more fun. We know how kids can be glued in front of their devices all the time these days and superhero-themed workouts would sure be enticing.

Other classes like themed storytelling, artwork creation, and introduction to the different animal groups are surefire hits. Even classes about rock, fossils, or crystals are fun to enroll in. dance classes, cracking codes, and puzzles, or adventures through history are also some of the most in-demand classes on the platform.

Students Get $20 free credit Now for Joining First Class

Everything exploration-based classes are also hip, language classes, photography, incorporating games like Minecraft, or some life skills are also fun for kids and teens alike.

So, if you think your child(ren) will love these subject matters, then head on over to Outschool!

Outschool teacher reviews

Speaking of teachers, what do teachers who’ve worked in Outschool think about the company or its business model? We gathered some responses from teachers and here’s the gist of their feedbacks and reviews of the company.

OutSchool is Super Flexible

Teachers or independent educators enjoy working in Outschool because of the flexible hours and pay. You not only get to choose your own time but also get to choose your own rate. This makes Outschool a workplace where you teachers can be on if they want to augment their current earnings.

It’s also flexible in the sense that you won’t really have a boss breathing down your neck telling you to do this or to do that. The company itself is also a secular, racial justice-oriented platform, and LGBT+ supportive so it cultivates a culture of equality and for some, that can be very important.

It all adds to the FUN in teaching for Outschool. Plus, with the wide array of subjects that one can teach on the platform then that is extra-inspiring, and to think that you can teach from anywhere further adds to that flexibility. It’s perfect for teachers that are creative and that are self-driven with unique interests or knowledge to share.

Also, some educators appreciate how they can teach anyone from a nearby state to probably across the world too. Whether it’s a side gig or a full-time job, you control everything. Please do take note that Outschool takes 30% of your total earnings and payments are done through PayPal and Outschool uses their own payment schemes to go about this.

Earn More Than $10000 Per Month by Teaching in OutSchool

Also, it’s the teachers’ prerogative if the enrollees in their class are less than what they’ve indicated should they want to proceed with the course.

And while we are on the subject of the downsides of teaching in Outschool, let us tell you upfront that it can get grueling. Sometimes, waiting on approval for your classes takes time, you’ll have a lot of competition and so that means that you may need to adjust if not lower your rates than usual.

If you play your cards right and if you’re someone who’s really talented, then you’ll definitely make a good profit out of it.

Outschool teaching requirements

So, what does it take to teach in Outschool?

Outschool does not have rigid teaching credentials but they do have some requirements for you to start and stay teaching on the platform that you have to meet.

  • One must base their classes around 1 or more passion or indicated expertise.
  • Be prompt and professional when it comes to communicating with Outschool and the parents.
  • Class content policy and maintaining that the classes are kept secular as well as objective must be observed.  
  • Internet connection speed of at least 3MBPS both with upload and download speed must be maintained at all times. This will ensure that your classes will run smoothly and with no interruptions compromising the quality of education rendered on the platform.
  • Must know how to run an online class effectively.
  • Speaking and writing the English language is a must.
  • Pass the background check.
  • At least be 18 years of age.
  • Must be a resident of the United States (all 50 states), Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, or Wales. (Won’t include other UK countries)

Earn More Than $10000 Per Month by Teaching in OutSchool

Again, you won’t need a degree to teach in Outschool and while this can be a double-edged sword for both the platform and everyone else involved in the process, it can also be a huge opportunity for all stakeholders.

What to teach on outschool?

We’ve mentioned above that you may teach a wide array of subjects in Outschool. As a teacher, what are these subjects or interests that you may teach?

Well, you may teach music, math, science, arts, life skills, health, English, coding, social studies, and world languages to only name a few. And as mentioned above, you may teach these subjects in a fun and engaging way.

Like using Pokemons to teach kids about reptiles or teach about bees while exploring their world and in turn, teaching them about ecosystems and the significance one creature has on the environment.

It’s really not the usual standard things you learn in school or in any online teaching platform in general. The creativity of the teachers on Outschool is the only limit and believe us that can be boundless.

Tips on how to be successful on Outschool

As a teacher, one must possess certain skills, techniques, and most of all, knowledge on how to run online-based classes or their freelancing lifestyle to be successful in Outschool. We already said that it can be grueling but there’s no reason why if other earn say 10K monthly and you can’t. Here are a few tips.

  • You should teach what you are good at and passionate about. Teach something that you know like the back of your hand and that you enjoy. It will not only be beneficial for your students but also you. If you love what you teach then you won’t get burned out rather easily which is common if you’re a freelance or in a grueling platform like Outschool.
  • Put in the time and hard work but most of all, be patient! It’s going to need sometime before you’re used to the lifestyle, schedule, and earnings. So take some time to learn the ropes, research a lot, and provide several classes if you can. This would be especially challenging for complete newbies so brace yourself.
  • Choose the right time of the day to offer your classes. Strategic times of the day would be around mealtimes. Please be wary of the different time zones your students will be in.
  • Practice! Practice your classes always so you’ll be more efficient and appreciated by your students and parents alike. With this kind of platform, parents can be loyal to you should their kids enjoy your classes, which means consistent work.
  • Adapt and adjust whenever necessary. Accept feedback or criticism like a pro and tweak your style or classes when needed. Also, ask for feedback, it can be helpful for you to stay in this game.
  • Be unique and original!
  • Study your rate and set your pricing accordingly. In short, know your worth. Be honest not just to your clients but to yourself.
  • Be flexible. Offer other ways to administer your classes or other class types like interactive, discussion, role-play, etc.
  • Lastly, be tough as nails!

Earn More Than $10000 Per Month by Teaching in OutSchool

Outschool Alternatives

Given the platform's potential, you can almost be certain that Outscholol has got some tough competition in the market today.

Poio is a community of learning where children are taught how to read through play.

Codespark is more on the information technology side of things where they create educational games and software for kids.

WeWanttoKnow is another company that provides a multitude of educational games for the mobile platform for kids.

Khan Academy another popular learning community offers self-paced and FREE courses for everybody. They have one of the widest libraries of study materials and you’ll learn so much from the platform.

Edx is like Khan but for highschool and college students.

Interested in writing? Your kids can learn the craft from Gotham Writers.

Outschool review: FAQ

How long is the usual duration of Outschool classes?

Classes can be live or flex. It can be one-time, short courses, camps, semester courses, or ongoing classes. It depends on the teacher and the nature of the subject.

Do I need to be a native speaker to work for outschool?

Not necessarily, but you need to be a permanent resident of the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or the UK.

Are there any drawbacks to teaching in Outschool?

It can be really challenging especially for newbies. You’ll have lots of competition and it can be discouraging if you’re not booking much or none at all. Lowering your rates down to the point that it will not be worth it might be the biggest drawback but if you follow the tips we gave above, then you might have a chance.

How to make a great Outschool application video?

Applying for Outschool is just like applying for any job interview. Make sure that you double-check your grammar or spelling, provide as detailed information as you can, be creative, and provide an awesome video for it will be a huge part of what they are going to base your acceptance in.


Remember, Outschool can be tough but rewarding for teachers. Keep at it and it can be a place for a stable income. For parents, it’s a place where your kids and teens may explore their interests or learn new ones.

It’s fun, engaging, and most of all, worth every penny. Start with an affordable class that’s interesting to your child and go from there. One thing is for sure, education is changing and we can only hope that it’s for the better.

After all, education does not stop anywhere or confined within the walls of an institution. It can be at home too, literally.

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